Favorite Dog-Friendly Spots in New York City.

Dog-Friendly Favorites in NYC.

Favorite Dog-Friendly Spots in New York City.

Last weekend marked two months of being in New York, which still feels like the move was just yesterday and also that it was a lifetime ago. Moving right in the middle of summer has made it so easy to really soak it all in and explore my new neighborhood to settle into a routine and find a new set of favorites in our new city.

It’s also meant that Callie has been out and about with me as much as possible, with plenty of long walks wandering down the side streets of the West Village and trips to the park to catch up with friends. Coming from a city that was so dog friendly (San Francisco is seriously dog utopia), I was a bit nervous about the adjustment to New York with its intensity of sights and sounds, as well as bigger city feel with less greenspace and tolerance for dogs pretty much being anywhere, but we’ve been settling in nicely! A few of our favorite dog-friendly spots in NYC thus far:
Favorite Dog-Friendly Spots in New York City.

  • Leroy Street Dog Park & Hudson River Park: I didn’t realize it when I signed the lease on this apartment but there’s a fantastic dog park just around the corner 🙌🏻 The Leroy Street Dog Park is right on the Hudson River and is a great fenced in area for dogs to play – it’s always very clean with plenty of other dogs, and even has a fountain/pool for the pups which has been amazing with the hot weather. After a stop at the dog park for some fetch (Callie’s favorite!), we usually take a walk along the river in Hudson River Park, soaking in some views of the Statue of Liberty or grabbing a waffle and/or beer at Wafels & Dinges.
  • Hope Animal Hospital in Cobble Hill: Getting established with a new vet in NYC was high on the list of priorities after our move to make sure all of Callie’s medical records were transferred over from San Francisco and I had a point of contact to provide anyone petsitting for her when I was out of town. I tend to be very picky about Callie’s care since my dad is a veterinarian and could not be more thrilled to find Dr. Mason at Hope Animal Hospital in Cobble Hill – the office is really easy to get to from Manhattan with a really friendly staff and small clinic feel that reminds me of my dad’s own practice in New Jersey. Hope Animal Hospital is a VCA Hospital which means we were able to sign up for a CareClub plan to cover her routine care and vaccinations throughout the year.

Favorite Dog-Friendly Spots in New York City. Favorite Dog-Friendly Spots in New York City.

  • Shake Shack in Madison Square Park: Okay this one might be more for me than Callie but I’m Shake Shack obsessed and their location in Madison Square Park is a great spot to bring the pup and grab a bite to eat with outdoor seating and even homemade dog biscuits on the menu. There’s nothing better than dining outdoors on a warm summer night and the combination of delicious burgers + ice cream and people watching is perfection.
  • Prodigy Coffee: Finding a neighborhood coffee spot was important for feeling settled in our new apartment and Prodigy Coffee is not only adorable, but dog friendly as well. It’s one of those simple, unfussy coffee-only places where there’s a little bit of everyone working and enjoying a cup of coffee, no matter the time of day. They’re regularly frequented by local pups and even have a collage of photos of dogs sitting on the red bench outside (new goal: get Callie featured)

Favorite Dog-Friendly Spots in New York City.

  • Washington Square Park: Words can barely describe how much I love Washington Square Park, from its fountain to the stunning archway, it’s someplace that makes me happy every time I walk through and feels SO New York to me. Lately I’ve been packing up a snack and a blanket and meeting friends in the park to sit in the grass and catch up and bringing Callie along to hang out with us. The park also has two dog run areas (one for larger dogs, one for small) which gives her a nice opportunity to run around a bit before we settle in and she’s always stopped by plenty of strangers for pets as she charms her away around.
  • The Grey Dog: Is it really a surprise that a restaurant named after the owners two dogs is a great dog-friendly dining option? The Grey Dog is an awesome spot for breakfast or lunch, staffed with dog loves and has outdoor seating options so you can grab a bite and bring your pup along.

What are some of your favorite dog spots in New York City?

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Photos by Carter Fish