6 Ways To Be More Productive At Home with Help From Samsung Connect Home.

6 Ways To Be More Productive At Home.


6 Ways To Be More Productive At Home with Help From Samsung Connect Home.

Balancing my full time job with blogging means that I’m always looking for new ways to be a little more productive and squeeze a few extra to do’s into each day. Being able to get shit done while working from home, either on blog posts or catching up on work in the evenings, is critical for me and as someone who is always game to try a new productivity hack, I wanted to share a few of my own:

6 Ways To Be More Productive At Home with Help From Samsung Connect Home.

1. Wifi that works: While my apartment is tiny, wifi has been a serious struggle since I moved in. From not being able to get a signal in my bedroom (despite being about 15 feet away from the modem & router) to spotty connection, there were far too many times where I wasted precious time waiting for photos to download or losing a blog post I had been working on because the signal went out. I finally got it together and upgraded my wifi system to Samsung’s Connect Home system and guys, it’s a game changer. It’s a powerful mesh wifi system with a really sleek and simple router design that’s super simple to set up – you can also use multiple Connect Home routers together on the same network to eliminate wifi dead zones so you’re fully covered throughout your home. Not having to worry about wifi (and let’s be real, finally being able to watch the occasional Netflix in bed) instantly made it easier to get more done at home and the fast coverage has been a heavenly.

6 Ways To Be More Productive At Home with Help From Samsung Connect Home.

2. Go Smart: I’ve definitely become a bit of a tech nerd since moving to San Francisco (I mean, how can you resist?) and I’ve been adding a few smart devices to my apartment to make life a little bit easier. From using my Google Home to ask about the weather, Sonos speakers to play music, or a Nest Camera to check in on Callie throughout the day, having a little smart tech help can go a long way. In addition to providing killer wifi in my apartment, my Samsung Connect Home also doubles as a SmartThings hub so I’m able to manage each smart home device through one app, making things even easier.

3. Offload Distractions: One of the best/worst things about working from home is the ability to multi-task. From sneaking in a load of laundry while on a conference call to having the plumber swing by around lunch time – it can be really helpful to squeeze these things in during the workday but they can be big distractions. Help yourself stay focused by being conscious of the distracting effect multi-tasking throughout the day can have and do your best keep ’em at a minimum.

6 Ways To Be More Productive At Home with Help From Samsung Connect Home.

4. Create a dedicated workspace: While it can be difficult to have room for a full office setup, especially for city dwellers, being consistent in your workspace makes a big difference. Working from your bed may sound dreamy but you’ll likely not be able to get much done there, and it can also make it difficult to sleep when it’s time to wind down. Stick with a consistent workspace, whether it’s a desk in your living room or even at your kitchen table, to help yourself stay in the working mindset.

5. Stick with a schedule: Working from home can sometimes make it difficult to know when to stop working. The hours tend to fly by when you have the luxury of being able to stay in your pajamas all day! Set up a schedule for your day, including blocking time for any non-work things you’d like to get done and set a goal for yourself of when you’d like to be done, then stick with it!

6 Ways To Be More Productive At Home with Help From Samsung Connect Home.

6. Give yourself a break: Working in an office space with other people around often gives you an excuse to take a break, from a coffee run with coworkers to chatting a bit in the kitchen area while grabbing some water. Working solo at home can mean that you have no real reason to leave your desk and the hours can seriously fly by – block out some time in your day to stretch your legs and go for a walk, or take a break to sneak in a quick workout class. Just because you can be super productive while working from home doesn’t mean it’s healthy to be heads down all day long.

What are some of your tips for being productive at home?

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  • Denay DeGuzman

    A dedicated workspace, great wifi and a schedule are absolute musts for a super productive day! Thanks for sharing the way you personally make the most out of every day. And congratulations on moving to San Francisco – it’s definitely one of my favorite cities. :-)

  • cynelle

    Such helpful tips, I find that creating a dedicated space for each activity is helpful to stay organized. Thanks for sharing

  • I agree about setting a schedule! I have a 4 year-old, and that means I need to do extra work early in the morning while she’s sleeping. Having a schedule allows me to get the work done that I need, as well as any housework so I can spend more time with her!

  • Karrie Frost

    I’m having similar wifi connectivity issues. Maybe I should invest in the Samsung’s Connect Home – has it made a huge difference?

  • great ideas! i WFH one day a week and I find i start doing chores instead of my work!

  • Krystin

    I totally agree with these tips, especially about sticking to a schedule, it’s so important and I find I get so much done when I do!

  • I LOVE your home – your decor is gorgeous and just my style. Yessss wifi is so important for working at home.

  • Your desk décor is adorable! I struggle to stay productive when working at home, I’m so easily distracted haha. Having a schedule would definitely help me to stay on task, though. Great tips, girl! x

  • Christina

    These are such great tips. I already have a hard enough time concentrating but working from home even harder. I totally agree with these tips – having dependable wifi, a set schedule, and a designated work space help so much!

  • Shannon Stuntebeck

    I have struggled with this so much since starting blogging while working full time. These tips are priceless- there are a few of them that I definitely need to improve upon. Thank you for lighting a fire for me!

  • Your workspace is so cute! My issue is my cats… they like to get on my desk and lay on my keyboard. Then I pet them of course. Closing my office door isn’t an option because then they whine lol

  • I agree not to work in bed. I tend to have the TV on if I do and get distracted. Also, it is easy to keep working late into the night when you are your own boss.

  • Samantha Elaine

    I love how you talk about making sure you have a dedicated work space and minimizing distractions. My apartment may be tiny, but if I could sneak in a desk I think I would be so much more productive.

  • Cyn Gagen

    These are great ideas. I really need to add a wifi booster and get our signal going a bit better and upgrade to a new laptop.

  • Emily Crawford Morton

    Sticking to a schedule just like you would at an actual job makes such a difference when working from home!

  • What a nifty device! I work from home and a schedule is the only way I get anything done.

  • These are really very amazing ideas to be more productive at home. Thanks for sharing this post.